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What Makes Us Different?

Since 1897, Downey Clean has built a reputation on one simple principle: Do everything you have to do better than you have to do it. We Downey Double Clean because the extra step provides better results for our customers!

Property walk through and problem area treatment.  Our technicians know what treatment is best for each individual stain and will apply cleaning agents that will give the best result.

Our technicians apply a specialty cleaning agent to the carpet.

We use a counter-rotating brush machine to scrub your carpet.  You are already familiar with the benefits of using a brush to loosen “ground in” dirt.  After all – whenever you have a tough cleaning job, the first thing you go for is a brush – right?  The brush machine also lifts the carpet fibers just like when it was new.

We rinse using a High Flow Extractor. We all know steam carpet cleaning is good for removing soil, but with steam cleaning alone you can’t remove all the residue.  The key to the Downey DOUBLE-CLEAN is the clear water rinse with our High Flow steam machine.  Ask your technician to show you the High Flow Extraction in action!

Review results and apply carpet protector if requested.


Our Core Values

The pursuit of excellence is a commitment, not an achievement. This commitment is a vital part of the Downey Clean culture. It is a pledge that joins every Downey Clean associate together in serving our customers.

What Our Customers Say

Downey Clean Residential Carpet Cleaning
“The technician arrived on time, was courteous and did a very thorough job.  A “double cleaning” as he used a brush scrubber to clean and loosen soil before using the hose that most companies utilize.”
Residential Services

“I used Downey Clean for this first time in 2017 and they are now MY carpet cleaning company. Our company offices remain clean longer than with other services used and they have friendly and knowledgeable crews .”

Commercial Services
“We just bought a house and I hated the carpet. It was just so gross. I thought I’d try to have it cleaned before I dropped a bundle on ripping it up and replacing it…I’m so glad! The carpet looks a zillion times better than they did!”
Residential Services

“Our new puppy took over our home and the rest is history. We called Downey Clean and they got the dirt out like it was never there.”

Happy Pet Owner

“The ONLY company that gets it completely clean!! The best!”

Residential Services

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is in everything we do and stands for providing world class service at a great value to our customers. Everyone at Downey Clean has a critical role in providing Quality to everyone me meet as a Downey Clean representative.

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We Downey Double Clean – It’s an extra step but we think your worth it