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Virtually all of the wall to wall carpet manufactured in the United States today consist of one of the following fibers. Wool, Nylon, Polypropylene (Olefin), or Polyester. All but  Wool are synthetic (Man made) and make up almost 99% of carpet sales.

Sales make up app. 65% of the US market.  Best synthetic fiber manufactured today. If you have a lot of traffic, we strongly recommend Nylon.  Many Nylon carpets have built in floral carbon to resist staining.

Pros:  High crush and abrasion resistance, Good yarn memory to hold twist, Resists Mold & Mildew, Cleans very well (especially stain-resistant Nylon).

Cons:  Cost, it’s the most expensive synthetic fiber, Susceptible to acid (food & beverage) spills if not stain resistant.

Sales make up app. 30% (80% of Commercial) of the US market.  Commonly called Olefin, It is “solution dyed” meaning the color is added during molten state rather than topically applied.

Pros: Superior stain resistance (with exception of oil), Highly resistant to Bleach and fading, Price. It’s the least expensive

Cons: Very weak, susceptible to matting and crushing, Low heat tolerance, dragging furniture across can cause fiber tips to melt, High affinity to oil (avoid using in kitchens)

Polyester: Sales make up app. 3% of US market. Is considered the “in-between carpet”, cheaper then Nylon, more expensive then Olefin, with performance characteristics in the middle as well. Newer polyesters (PET & PTT) are proving to be just as good as most Nylons.

Pros: Good abrasion resistance, Stain resistant, Fairly strong with good fade resistance.

Cons: Poor resiliency, susceptible to crushing, Oil spills difficult to remove, Not as durable as Nylon.

Wool: Sales make up less then 1% of US market. A natural fiber, wool remains the premier fiber in carpet construction but price is out of the reach of most consumers.

Pros: Deep rich color and feel, Excellent resiliency, Cleans well, resists crushing, Long lasting.

Cons: Susceptible to mold & mildew, Non stain resistant carpets have problems with acid dyes, Cost, cut piles start at about $60.00 sq.yd.

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