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The Word on Green

Take a look at what was happening in 1897.

People & Places
-William McKinley was the US President and the US Population 76 Million.
-The United States annexes the Hawaiian Islands.
-The Klondike Gold Rush begins when the first successful prospectors arrive in Seattle.
-The Library of Congress is completed.

-Campbell's Preserve Company condensed soup and produces Campbell's tomato soup.
-Grape Nuts is introduced as a health food by C.W. Post.
is created in Le Roy, New York, near Rochester, by cough-syrup manufacturer Pearl B. Wait.
J. M. Smucker Company has its beginnings at Orrville, Ohio.
-Tennessee distiller Jack Daniel begins bottling his whiskey in square bottles to distinguish it from other brands.
-Total U.S. auto production rises to 100 vehicles, up from 25 the previous year.
-American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T) erects the first telephone poles.
-Trolley service begins across New York's 14-year-old Brooklyn Bridge.
-The Swiss Army Knife is patented on June 12 as an officer's knife with a red fiber case that encloses blades of various sizes and a corkscrew.
-The Boston Subway is opened, becoming the first underground metro in the United States.
-The first edition of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula is released.
-The Invisible Man and The Platiner Story (short stories) by H. G. Wells are published.
The first Boston Marathon held on April 19.
-John Peter "Honus" Wagner, 23, joins the National League's Louisville team to begin a notable career in baseball. The Pennsylvania-born "Flying Dutchman" will lead the league five times in stolen bases, accumulate a total of 722 stolen bases, and have a lifetime batting average of .329.
-The Cheyenne Rodeo July begins an annual Wyoming tradition.
-The world heavyweight boxing title changes hands March 17 in the 14th round of a match held at Carson City, Nevada.  English-born New Zealander Robert Prometheus "Bob" Fitzsimmons, 34, knocks out champion James J. Corbett with a "solar plexus" punch".
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